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What To Do With Your Pumpkins After Halloween

We all love decorating our homes for Halloween. Whether you're having a (socially distanced) party or simply taking the kids out Trick or Treating in the local area, it's almost certain you'll have designed your very own pumpkin carving. But what happens when Halloween is over and you still have these hollowed pumpkins hanging around the house?

This year it is estimated that more than 8million pumpkins - equivalent to approximately 18,000 tonnes - will end up rotting in landfill. There are so many nutrients and good things to be had from pumpkins, why not make the most of them

  •  The pulp can be used to make pumpkin puree, which can be added to things like porridge or yoghurt or made into pumpkin soup or pumpkin pie 
  •  Plant the seeds in your garden and you can look forward to a crop of your own next year
  •  Add to, or start, a compost pile or bury the pieces to enrich your soil
  •  During the winter months food is difficult to come by for birds, squirrels etc. Why not chop up the flesh and place the seeds in a bird feeder. Not only will it help them through the cold climate but it's always lovely to watch
  • Don't want to deal with the pumpkins yourself? There are plenty of places that will take them off your hands. See if local zoo's, animal shelters or community gardens will take them from you. They'll be grateful for the compost material or animal snacks
  •  Some towns do pumpkin collection drives after Hallowee, such as Norwich Pumpkin Rescue
  •  Even though Halloween is over, doesn't mean the festivities have to. Why not try pumpkin bowling. Fill some plastic bottles with water, put them in a 10-pin triangle and take turns rolling your pumpkins, bowling ball style.

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No matter what you're doing for Halloween, from all of us at Baco-Compak, have fun and stay safe