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How can you effectively manage your waste?

Every day, there is new information delivered to us about the dangers currently facing the environment, what the future of the planet will look like and what can be done to reduce our overall environmental footprint. It is now so prominent that as a business priority, it usually sits high on the list. 

Although it’s more important than ever for businesses to do what they can to help, some struggle to understand what processes can be put in place to move it along. It all starts with effective waste management for your premises, particularly with recycling.  

Why Recycle? 

Recycling is key for businesses when it comes to day to day waste management. Turning our waste into usable materials will help to reduce the degradation of our environment. Increasing your businesses recycling efforts means that landfill waste can be reduced, and we can save more rainforest, water, and oil all through recycling paper, plastic, and steel.  

Not only is recycling important for the environment, but also for us. As a community, we need to preserve natural resources and look after our countrysideLandfill sites fill up quickly and there will be no room for waste. As the amount of waste we create increases, the overall impact on air pollution and the health of rivers takes a hit. Recycling your materials effectively means they can be reused and therefore the amount that is dumped, is reduced.  

What can be done to recycle? 

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, up to 75% of waste is recyclable [1] and there are simple ways that you can do the best you can. 

  • Provide recycling points in multiple locations across your premises with clearly defined labels as to what can be put in each container. 
  • Educate your staff on proper recycling and lead by example with what can be done. 
  • Implement a company-wide policy to demonstrate its importance and incentivize where appropriate. 
  • Provide alternatives to general day to day used products. Glasses instead of plastic bottles to store food at work so that food packaging doesn’t need to be brought in.  
  • Encourage staff to think before overprinting or wasting paper. 

The most important part of an effective recycling plan is what you do with the waste once it’s been collected. That’s where we come in… 

How can Baco-Compak help your business? 

We have over 40 years’ experience in waste management and recycling, including our own fully licensed waste transfer station based in Kings Lynn.  

One of our missions as a business is to ensure that effective waste management is of our top priority. Our processes involve handling waste correctly and making sure it is disposed of in a suitable manner by our staff. Our aim is to reduce landfill through recycling as much waste as possible. We send the recycled waste as RDF (Refuse derived fuel) so that it can be used for energy instead of going to landfill.  

Our waste management services mean that we can collect your commercial waste regularly, suited to your business needs, with minimal disruption to your day to day operations. This means that you can trust that your recycling efforts within your business are worthwhile and contribute to the overall impact on the environment. 

We conduct regular wheelie bin collection, or, if your business is undergoing some form of renovation, a larger scale waste disposal such as a skip may be more appropriate. Whatever your requirements, we can help you with effective waste disposal suitable to you. 

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If you are looking for a solution to your waste management and recycling problem, we would love to help your business. 

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