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Waste Recycling, Management & Collection

Recycling your general waste into reusable materials to protect our environment 

At Baco Compak, we are a recycling company at our core - specifically a Kings Lynn recycling centre. It is vital that wherever possible we do what we can to recycle waste, turning it into usable materials. We are able to help businesses effectively manage and recycle waste in our Kings Lynn recycling centres.

Recycling is key when it comes to day-to-day waste management. We can all do more to reduce our impact on the environment, increasing your recycling efforts leads to a reduction in landfill waste - which means we save more rainforest, water, and oil.

One of our main challenges as a business is to ensure that effective waste disposal and management is our top priority. Our processes involve handling waste correctly and making sure it is disposed of in a suitable manner by our staff. Our aim is to reduce landfill through recycling as much as possible. 

In keeping with this, we have our own recycling centre near Kings Lynn where we make sure that the widest range of materials possible is recycled effectively.

More information on this can be downloaded from our Licences page, found here.

We are constantly looking for new ways to recycle items and turn them into something useful as part of our ongoing commitment to minimise unnecessary landfill waste as much as possible.

With that in mind, waste that was destined for landfill can be sent as RDF (Refuse derived fuel). It can be used for energy instead of going to landfill meaning that we can recycle more, caring for our environment.

We offer a range of ways for you to recycle everything from paper to metal, ensuring that you can also do your bit to help protect the environment. We take away the stress of effective waste disposal so that you can carry on with running your business.

Whatever your needs are, from wheelie bin or skip hire through to roll-on, we have the solution you need to recycle effectively. 

If we can help you with your recycling, whether for your personal property or your business, we encourage you to get in touch with us today.

Recycling Centre Kings Lynn

We operate all of our Waste Management, Skip Hire and Recycling Services from our own recycling centre in Kings Lynn. This central location allows us to service clients across North Norfolk, including the Royal Estate at Sandringham.

You'll find us at Innisfree Trading Estate, please contact our Kings Lynn office to find out how we can help you.