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Wheelie Bins - Commercial Waste Collections

At Baco-Compak we have an extensive range of wheelie bins varying from 240 ltr to 1100ltr. These can be provided for a variety of materials ranging from light compatible general waste, mixed recycling, glass and cardboard. 

We can also provide bins that are lockable to prevent unauthorised people filling your bins.  

These wheelie bins can be on a wide variety of schedules from weekly to monthly empties to suit your needs.

We only charge per bins emptied!

Contact on of our trained team on 01553 630247 to discuss wheelie bin contracts 

240ltr Wheelie Bin
240 Ltr
360ltr Wheelie bin

360 Ltr

660ltr Wheelie bin

660 Ltr

1100ltr Wheelie bin

1100 Ltr

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